Drink, Drink, Craft

It is finally porch season and I stumbled upon these ADORABLE torches that I wanted to see if this was something in my crafting wheelhouse.  (It was super simple and NOT really that expense, about 15 for all three if you don't include the wine).  The how-to
  1. Drink whatever wine you like
  2. Clean bottle out, easiest to soak so labels come off 
  3. (Buy the wick/gold rim/rubber stopper from amazon I got the three-pack because wanted to see before getting the more jumbo pack.)
  4. Put in the dollar-store gems/or whatever you want in bottom/ manfriend was like uh nothing would look better.  I disagreed
  5. Pour in liquid (we got the tiki with citronella, BUG repentant too? HEY yes!
  6. Do the wick/ attacher thing (super easy with the instructions they give you)
  7. Put out and enjoy the bug free fires with more wine!
We already decided that these were super cute and will probably have to go to a buddy for a house warming gift.  Luckily I drink a LOT and we got the jumbo fluid so all we would need would be more wick packs.  


  1. Where did you get the tiki oil? I saw the bug repellent kind at Wal-mart & a big jug was $12 but I didn't need quite that much.

  2. Lol CMF got that, and he said he looked at target but was pricier than hardware store. Thinking Handyman or Mendards. Was a JUMBO size but once filled all three it wasn't as jumbo anymore.


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