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Room 15 With Ms. B

Okay so this is now November and I have been missing since July.  Yes, I know.  I started a new room at a new school and have been BUSY.  Here are some before and after pictures of my room, prekids and around end of first quarter.

I am teaching special ed and its called an MU room.  MU means the students have more than one major disability.  I would call it more of a functional room, where you are trying to teach kids basic LIFE skills; how to sit in a chair, how to button clothes, wash hands/ bathrooom, feed themselves, or whatever THEY can do on their own we work on.

I knew I had this room, at this new school but I was unable to get into school until August and then had meetings IMMEDIATELY.  It was scary, I had NO information about my seven students.  I had to annoy the HELL out of my boss to get IEPs to know what to expect, how to set up room, what kind of things to plan for lessons, and get information because parents were already calling me.  Imagine that first call from a pare…

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