Domestic things

Summertime is here and fridge is full of Memorial Day leftover bbq!  Today, I woke up and it was all cloudy and rainy.  I read some of my book and decided my domestic task of the day was to bake banana bread.  

The day prior, I cut up a watermelon.  Man do I love watermelon.  The whole cutting process and removing the seeds even from seedless watermelon.... ugh I loathe it.  I think the man friend was annoyed with me because somehow I had watermelon EVERYWHERE!  The ceiling to the floor was speckled with pretty pink watermelon.  (The man friend, is an insane neat freak, think Danny Tanner style, I wonder how he puts up with me sometimes.)  I have been eating watermelon like crazy and realized shoot, bananas are going brown.  

Today I found an easy banana bread recipe that used all basic kitchen.  Only thing that we were out of was eggs.  (Somehow the man friend used 10 eggs for our breakfast boat yesterday.  It takes 4, so I won't ask here.) 

That is the breakfast boat, way to go CMF, it was delicious and easy prep.  

Ready, set, bake
All batter tastes great, even banana bread
Finished product, yes I ate the corner already!

  We did very little exciting activities this long weekend.  We just cooked, ate, and repeated.  Friday, we couldn't even close the fridge.  Worse, we were "those people," who went to the grocery store hungry for the rest of the weekend because we already ordered pizza :(  Now it is Tuesday, and the fridge has handful of ribs, porksteaks (yes the VERY best meat, midwest deliciousness), hamburgers, and watermelon.  I ate great this weekend and hoping moving about won't being ouchie so I can burn off some of this.  Enjoy some of my pretty food pics!

Nancy's Pizza in Springfield (we ordered this while 
at the grocery store ugh), it is NO take and bake 
Lou Malnati's but it is the best here in Springfield I have had yet.
We have tried more than four places too and I am a pizza 

Deli roast beef with provolone cheese wrapped in 
crescent  roll dipped in au jus equals perfection.
Quick go to that takes less than 
15 minutes to prep AND cook.  




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