Library book club starts TODAY!

I enjoy reading and I will sometimes get stuck in my ruts:  reading one author until I have read all of their books, reading my smut paperback books I get embarrassed to check out from library, or reading the books that the kids are all obsessed with.

Well I just got my alert that the St. Louis County Library book club has officially started yesterday.  I have signed myself and the niece up already.  But the best part of summer I have free time to read what I want.  I have requested so many books that I hope they don't all come at once :)

Reading is so very important and as a SPED teacher, I can tell you if a kid struggles to read everything in school will be harder for them.  Teach the importance of reading often to your kids and start young!  It is not hard.  Turn off the television and read a book every now and then in front of your kids to show them you value reading.

One thing I would do with my struggling readers (in both elementary and middle school setting) was to find a book JUST outside of their level.  Read a chapter if possible everyday.  In the middle school, we had reading time in every ELA class for at least 15 minutes a day.  Well kids who aren't good readers, would just be looking around the room and daydreaming not reading.  Well since the entire class were 'not on level readers' they were all doing that whole I'll too cool to read thing, I tweaked this.  I picked a book and would read it outloud.  Yes, I heard MANY grumbles in the beginning because, "We aren't babies," "We can read, you know?" "I don't like that book," "I already read that book."  It is 7th graders so they will bitch about everything, so you just keep trudging.

Well finding a book was hard,  you gotta have interest from them but the books geared for YA are after I started to read Maze Runner, we would read a little bit every day.  I would put on my teacher voice and the kids got into it.  About a third of the way into it, I stopped reading it.  By this time, I found a class set of them (luckily my numbers were low) and said very apologetically to kids, "Administration wants me to..... so I can't read this anymore, but I got some here if you guys wanna keep reading it."  Not a single student took me up on it.  I was so disappointed.  I thought for sure they were all into it, but I guess they just liked me reading it.  After class, and throughout the rest of the day, every single student came and signed out one of the books.  Middle schoolers care way too much about image, can society make reading cool PLEASE!

Well my summer reading list is now available and I have spent the afternoon requesting books from the library so I'll let you know some reviews in the near future.



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