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Recently I have stumbled across two new places.  One is at an old fave in Noco, Cuginos.  I have been going to the Cug since well they changed from Arcobasso.  Heads up if you ever get a salad get their house dressing YUM and my other fave chicken piccata is not on the menu but they will always make it double YUM!  Well, my pal told me the other day, hey there is a new local brewer in Florissant, looks neat.  I did some research and saw it was at the same address as the Cug!  Uh what? The Cug is always busy and I had to think, is it having problems?  I asked around and no the new brewery was in the ''event room'' and rest of the restaurant is the same.

The new ''brew'' is called Narrow Gauge.  They currently have 4 house beers and I tried two of them. I had the old town porter which tasted very similar to Ferguson Brewery Pecan Ale (which is a fave of my so that is a win).  My bud had Fallen Flag which was a very citrusy IPA.  I don't usually like IPA but I liked this one surprisingly.  Cug always has great food and over 40 beers on tap and NOW 4 of their own local brews.  Keep it local, keep it good.


My other stumble was into a build your own pizza and salad place, Pieology.  Picture subway for pizza.

You add whatever you want on your pizza and same for salad all for $9.  This is great for the manfriend and I because I am way more picky.  Let me just say I was ECSTATIC to see ricotta cheese as option for my pizza.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE ricotta cheese.


  1. I think I would like the Fallen Flag too. I need to get there and try it. Pieology, MOD Pizza and Pie Five are all on my quick pizza hit lists.

    1. I haven't been to Pie Five but other two are good pizza. Not best I have ever had, but neat in their own


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