This past spring break (2016), the man friend and I went to California.  We flew into Sacramento and drove up to Napa, Fort Bragg, Redwoods, San Fran,  San Luis Obispo, LA, and then San Diego.  He had some friends littered across the state so we luckily had some places to crash for FREE because hey, I am a teacher! I will not bore you with ALL of the trip details and photos (we went to the Redwoods and Big Sur I think I took more than 1500 pictures easily).  I have started to edit the pictures so that I can hopefully make a Shutterfly book, soon for this trip.  I LOVE a good photo memory book and it takes me back to the years when I was on the yearbook committee at old school :)  I make them for everything, mom's day, my trips, Mad's birthday year in review, everything!  Well see here I go a rambling.

Trip, we got into Sacramento LATE, about 1:30 California time.  Needless to say, this STL girl was exhausted and getting cranky, we both had full days at work!  We got to a hotel and crashed.  Now, I wake up much earlier than the man friend.  Internal alarms suck sometimes don't they?  This hotel was by the airport (we wanted as close as we could since it was so late getting in and we were just sleeping here and grabbing rental car next morning) and what felt like 8 major highways.  I then tried to get coffee or breakfast for us but after a quick google, it was like oh no girl, you wanna play California highway Frogger??  So after we got car, our next night's stop was at an air bnb in Fort Bragg.  Napa was on the way so there we went.

Beautiful Driving Picture of the Hills of Napa

Unfortunately, by time we got on the road and were Napa bound, we got there after all but ONE winery was closed.  We hit up that one (Trinitas Cellars) but was more corporate than I would have liked.  I think we saw minimum 7 weddings that hour we were there.  We tried the wine tasting room with the fancy smacy glasses and enjoyed samples of their finest.  The staff was friendly and knowledge (I used to be a wine pour girl before and I would just kinda bullshit my way through), and the wine was very delicious.  I was more wanting a mom and pop vineyard and not one that also had condos for sale, hotels, 10 restaurants, multiple piano bars, 2 chapels, etc..  But so is when you play spontaneous and get to Napa after 5pm :)

Snapchat quality isn't the best:(

Then we bought a bottle we both enjoyed and got the cheapo glasses and left to walk around the vineyard.  This was a very stormy evening so we walked quickly but enjoy some of my favorite pictures.

Top View

Very Gothic 

Bottom view, running back to car before the clouds open up, we didn't make it!


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