PSA ramble today

Yesterday, I had a dream that woke me up.  I could not go back to sleep and texted some people the entire thing (it ended up being 4 texts long).  Mainly the purpose of this was a two part PSA of sorts.  I did a little research during the Mindy Project and I shall share.

  1. Only 34 states currently allow you to text 911.  In my dream I called 911 but wasn't able to talk or the 'bad guy' would know where I was.  I kept them on the line because in the movies and tv shows they need to be able to locate where you are and longer your on, easier it is.  I then tried to text 911.  In my dream it did not work.  Upon waking up, I was like hmmm I wonder if you really can't text 911.  If you were in a trunk or hiding under a bed, or whatever wouldn't that be a great option?  I could see how this could get messy with people texting unnecessary.  Well I did a little research and here are the 34 states that allow texting emergency services, see if you make the list!  Also a side note, I was wide awake and left the bed because the man friend still had to work bright and early this AM.  This was when I began the google search of texting 911 and found stories from 2014.  A lady who is deaf who helped two kids that were locked in a car.                                                             

      2. Helpful hint I learned from The Call.  (A movie with Halle Berry where she is a 911 operator.  It started off really good, and I will share something I learned from that.  Did not like where it went but this isn't about my personal feelings about the movie).  The operator told the girl who was at home when people broke in open up a window (she was on second story), and throw a shoe out the window and leave it open.  Intruder will come into room you are hiding in and will not go under your bed to look for you or in closet but goes to window.  S/He sees a shoe and figures, eh they made it out, we better hurry before they call for help.  Now they won't look for you in the easy "go-to" hiding places.  

And lastly, because this has been my entire morning, watch how "Uber drivers can find you better than an ambulance driver."

He was informative and kinda scary to bring it out like this.  Facebook can find my check in but not a 911 call center.  Six states don't have a state wide system set up and Missouri is one of the six.  This is scary to think about how you may be fine if you are in a city area, but if you are traveling, as most us do in the summer, you may drive through a rural area.

**I know firefights and EMS people and in no way am I trying to make light of the work they do, I am just all about 911 operators today.  Peace and love and many thank yous to all of the community workers!**


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