Ramble about my weekend

It is Monday and the weekend is officially over for most.  I am on teacher summer mode so, well ha at that.  People will give the occupation a lot of grief about summers but you know what, without those 7 glorious weeks off, even the best of the best would go crazy.

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Friday, had the niecie over.  She had a bug and was yucky and just cuddled and slept all day long.  (Fingers crossed this is day 3 and I do not want what she had.)  After brother collected her, I went to my pal's house.  She had boxes and boxes of clothes she didn't want any more.  She is 5.2 and I am 5.10 but I still found LOTS.  Thanks Kelly!!

Hendricks BBQ - St Charles, MO, United States. Patio in the back :)

The man friend came up and I barely got home in time to change into a new dress and go grab dinner.  We went to Hendricks in St. Charles.  It was mediocre barbecue, sauces were meh, baked potato I had was not cooked, but the mac-n-cheese was delicious.  The best part, we ate outside on the patio and it finally wasn't 90 + and humid as St. Louis will tend to be.  I adore a cute patio.

Saturday and Sunday were spent heavily with family.  Sports Authority is closing their doors so 6 of us went.  There was 60% off of already reduced clothes, I think me and S walked out with 10 new workout outfits for the cheap a piece.  Took lil bit to the Bubble bus :) 

Can't you tell how into it she is??? Ha

Then, Cardinals watching, pool going, and mellow rest of the weekend.  The last neat thing was the man and I went to Ikea between some more family time and pool going and like any person going to Ikea on a Sunday morning, we were leaving with our hands full.  My most favorite item was a chair for his deck to "relax and read" in.   I was being all negative when he was adding it to the basket, saying, "Ew, that cloth will get gross and sweaty and then what? Huh? THEN WHAT???"  His very practical response, "Eh, you can take it off to wash it."  So we also purchased this chair that has me wanting to just sit outside and read.



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