TBT California Trip

Glass Beach

Day 2 we woke up and knew okay, its going to be a long day.  We need a quick breakfast maybe on the beach poke around Fort Bragg and the Glass Beach and then on up to the Redwoods to explore.  After that quick wonder drive the scenic 101 (now in darkness so let me tell you, not pretty but very scary with all the razorbacks) and to San Fran for our hotel for the night.  Whew right?  Long ass day.

When we woke up for the air BnB it was all drizzly.  When I was looking at pictures it seems that I put on makeup which is such a rarity for me I asked the MF (manfriend or mother f*cker depending on how I feeling about him at the time ha) what were you doing that I had that much extra time I decided to do my face?  He misplaced his phone somewhere.  He ended up finding it in the house we stayed in.  (Great story right? Please tell it again!!!)

Well, we grabbed quick bite because had a busy day ahead and then walked around the Fort Bragg.  I and pleased to say that these pictures were all from our phones (I have galaxy 5 and he has galaxy 6).  One of the photos I posted on IG, somebody asked for permission to use, I of course said go for it, but then I wanted to look back at it, how they used, etc... They claimed it was a different place then that it really was AND that I used a Nikon d 500 camera with whatever type of lens.  That makes me laugh every time I think about it. 

So my favorite of the 100s rainy day at the beach pictures :)
This is when it was rainy hard, it stopped after a minute, thankfully because the view was very beautiful.

This was the first time I saw the beach on this trip.

I have never been to Ireland/Scotland but for some reason I figure it to look a lot like this, all windy and chilly with great views.


The "glass" instead of sand on the beach

God bless a selfie stix!

How you get down to beach... After a rain, it was a wake up adventure time kinda morning :)


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