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I used this in a writing prompt with my resource kids ranging from first to sixth grade.  We talked about what this meant in-depth before even giving the chance to have them write about it.  My favorite response was from a kid who I always felt needed the extra love (mainly no teacher liked him, so I personally tried really hard to like him, it was VERY hard).  He wrote that he was the kid that everything that was his was his and everything his mom had well it would get shared among his siblings.  He wrote that he felt bad for him mom but he still would take what he wanted from her or else his brothers/sisters would and he'd get nothing.  Basically that he noticed that his mom allowed her kids to take and she would sacrifice.  Now this is not what I personally saw from this quote and not even where I thought the kids would go, and most did not, but this little one well I tried to get him to bring it to his mom because she would love it.  She would love that he noticed that ANYBODY noticed.  Sometimes that is all we need, is for somebody to see us and to see what we are doing.  Even it is a stay at home mom that always has laundry done, dishes washed, food on table and everybody just assumes that is just what you do.  WE NOTICE YOU.  The dad who works 2 shitty jobs to make ends meet and comes to kids soccer game in gas station uniform after shift to support his kids.  WE NOTICE YOU.  The teacher who is at school long before and long after school making sure that each kid feels special, is happy for the 7.5 hours that she has them, and will then learn life lessons as well as school lessons.  WE NOTICE YOU.  The kids who are on the verge of making decisions that could affect their lives, WE NOTICE YOU.  Notice somebody told and tell them something nice that they did for you that you appreciated.  It is not hard and it helps spread good in the world which we all know we need more of.  

(I showed many of the teachers that loathe this kid what he wrote, how insightful that it was, despite the grammar errors and what have you.  They were all floored that he had it in him.  Oh come on now,  He is a kid.  He isn't stupid he is quite smart.  But he knows people don't like him so he'll give up really easy and be a GIANT punk.  I would pull him aside almost once a week to tell him he was my favorite.  ((Course I did this with a lot of the kids but never with another in earshot)) because he needs to feel special.  Make somebody feel special today.  IT is not hard, it is even easier than noticing what somebody does for you, because you can keep yourself almost entirely out of the equation.  "You look pretty today." "I love that.... whatever"  If a kid holds a door open, make a BIG fuss because today's kids don't usually do that, "WOW you are so polite, keep that up.  Thank you so much."  

Lastly, golden rule folks if something is yours is yours (your food/ your car/ your whatever) you have to keep in mind that you cannot then assume somebody else's whatnot is up for fair game.  

As Ellen says, "Be kind to one another."


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