Sports do not build character. They reveal it....

Oh man, sports do soooooo much for kids to teach them how to do so many things (cooperate, work hard, listen and respect other grown ups, listen to other kids, give them something to do besides watch tv/ video games, work together collectively towards a common goal, etc...) I could go on for probably 10,000 words on the social, physiological, academic, physical (see how I could go on and on here) benefits of sports for kids.

Well that being said, it is time for the Olympic games to start.  I highlighted today when the charge was napping what to set DVR to so mightaswell share the major highlights.

Today starts Women's National Soccer!  A team that I have interest in every 2 years (World Cup then Olympics) I am a HUGE soccer fan. I was a soccer kid growing up playing before the likes of Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain got girls interested in soccer again.  That being said, last years world cup, I did not miss a game.  I was watching with the man friend and I don't think that he had watched a whole lot of sports or sport movies with me yet.  (I will still cry in sport movies I have seen time after time because they are just so motivational to me.)  Unfortunately, I am emotional during sporting events and the girls cup run had me with goosebumps the entire time.  I am not just emotional on national level, St. Louis Cardinals have done me in a few times, a special game 6 with hometown David Freese may ring a bell.   Well US men can't keep up on the global level as soccer is way intense everywhere else so that is not nearly as watch-worthy to me.

8/3 vs New Zealand at 5
8/6 vs France at 3
8/9 vs Columbia at 5
8/12 quarterfinals noon

Friday 8/5 Opening Ceremonies... Can they top Beijing?

Image result for missy franklin swimming freestyle

SWIMMING:  Honestly it is one of my favorites to watch, well behind gymnastics and soccer.  It goes so fast but so exciting.  Will Phelps still be Mr. Olympics? Tune in Sat 8/6 8-midnight for swimming.

Gymnastics:  One of the few that I will watch all of the trials and the qualifying rounds for.  I won't lie I am SO obsessed with it. Few sports I could tell you, oh yeah in '96 they did.... But the US Team that year changed my little 8 year old heart.  Yes, I am fairly athletic and was involved in most sports when I was a kid, but I personally sucked at gymnastics so decided, "Mom, I rather play indoor soccer than do gymnastics please."  So there went my career.  But these girls are all so talented.  I have high hopes for them and DVR is set.  Go USA!! Also, I have high hopes for another McKayla's,"Not impressed" face.  I anticipate watching some girls do extremely impressive things and see Lil Bit (2 year old niece) attempt to do flips in living room after she sees Biles, and Douglas, Raisman, Hernandez, and Madison do some crazy shit.

8/9 Woman's team finals 8pm
8/11 Woman's all around finals 8
men's which is kinda weird 8/8 at 8

Volleyball.  Well I am currently on  sand volleyball recreation league CHAMPIONSHIP team so in a group message we send back and forth crazy bump, set, spikes.
Mens Finals 8/16 8pm
Girls Finals 8/18 8 pm

Track: Again who'd think it could be this exciting to watch a race for SECONDS... These people are beasts they are so fast.
 Men 8/15  at 7pm Women's 8/19 8pm

These are just some of the highlights.  Yes, I will watch diving, tennis, basketball, water polo, and the LOT of the summer games because why not.  It is only on once every four years.  I have been really into the more obscure (non money making sports on their own) sports and how they are beyond thrilled to go to represent their country.  This is the PEAK of their career.  Who cares about a mosquito virus, I MADE IT!!!  And then there are sports that make money, golfers especially have been, "Meh, not worth it."  (Maybe not especially but my dad watches a LOT of golf network so I feel like I have been up to par with them.)  A water polo player was on tv and they asked him about if he was nervous about Zika.  His response, (not word for word here)  I am in the Olympics, this has been my whole entire career training for these games that are coming up.  I could care less about a bug and about my big games.  I have been playing years in countries you may have never even heard of because they have a high water polo following.  

Stay safe USA athletics.  Play hard as you have been training for these days for YEARS now.  Enjoy yourself in Rio, I will be watching you and enjoying myself with goosebumps because damn you people just amaze me with your abilities.  


Title Quote from: John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach


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