Only season to bother to watch Dawson's in its entirety, season 4 when P&J finally get together....

So in case you don't know folks, Joshua Jackson is officially single.... He is one of the prettiest people and he is funny (catch him on talk show circuit because he is so awkward and perfect).  Well needless to say this may have me re-watching PaceyCon and crossing my fingers that if I can't get a piece of Charlie Conway, that he will go back with Joey Potter like we all have wanted, for YEARS.  Pacey has ruined me and his relationship with Joey, one of the best tv ships that I have ever watched.

Just one my favorite Pacey quotes that does not involve Joey.... I feel like I tell a bunch of people this all the time.  Guess I need to add the no-offense part.  Anybody sees Josh, pin-drop me ASAP!

Whenever he knew the truth at the heart of it all.


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