Top things I have done this summer!

  1. Human Foosball    What a great idea for a get-together!  My bff gathered up her pals for a day at the Great American Human Foosball.  Inside of the "playroom," they had multiple lifesize games.  The other games they had, pool that you had to kick soccer balls into holes, checkers with plungers, big Jenga/ connect four, and big Yahtzee (which apparently my sis in law had never played before? WHAT THE HECK???!!!)  Foosball was 8 people vs. 8 people in short 10 minutes games.  You were "attached" to a bar by having to keep your hands on the hand rails during the entire game.  As you can see here, the people on the opposing teams are RIGHT behind you.  The first game, I was ''against'' my brother and our sibling rivalry had my poor legs covered in bruises and a few welts.   More pictures if curious here.  
  2. All FREE St. Louis attractions  St. Louis is so lucky to have TONS of free places to go and things to see.  I had Little Bit at least twice a week and she is thrilled with any and everything you do with her so I would take her places a lot and take another teacher friend with us, (my brother was all like, "Really, do any of your friends work?) one of her grandparents (my dad is retired and my mom works 4 days a week), or one of my stay at home mom friends.  What exactly are the FREE activities STL has to offer?  Coming soon right here!
  3. Fugitive Beach  About 2 hours outside of St. Louis is  man made beach in a quarry that brings out hooisers in FULL FORCE.  (If you are a hooiser, great embrace it, and visit Fugitive).  It was in Rolla, MO where I have NEVER gone to besides a quick pee stop on the way to Springfield, MO.  Arriving to Fugitive Beach, it was a tad overwhelming.  We went on a cloudy/off and on rainy Saturday and oh BOY the people were out in full force still.  It cost 8$ for entry, you had to sign a waiver, and you can bring in a cooler but no alcohol unless you were sneaky.  (Let me just say, I saw more than once Camalbak with what I assumed was alcohol.  The beach itself, get there early and bring a canopy because people will start quickly trying to take over your space as it is very limited.  There is two spots to jump off (one 15 feet high other 25), a 60 ft slide, a bar and food stand, and one sand volleyball court (I think when I walked past it it was maybe 60 people playing 50 people.  They were easily 10 people on the front line alone and it was quite comical.  Now so far if may have seemed like I had a negative experience here, I did not.  It was one of those things you like to sit back and just take it all in.  I was lucky my voice left me on that day of my cold because I could really just smile and enjoy the classy folk that were out there.  Think a Missouri float trip except with hundreds of people you see the entire time.  I totally embraced it and took my floatie and my ten pals and just soaked in the chemically enhanced waters that were fugitive until some of our kids got kicked out.  This kid was drunk and they took his 21 year old bracelet (this allowed him to buy beers) and gave him a hot dog as a warning yet 3 hours later and a few trips to his car to get more beers he was more drunk and security asked him a question (I don't remember what they said,) but his response, 'Yo Mama!"  Sigh, maybe because I was all doped up on cold meds and all my friends got Fugitive Beach messy but it was.   Pictures from that also here.
  4. Visiting of all the Parks  St. Louis County Parks, St. Charles county parks, the individual surrounding county parks well they all have something awesome to offer.  I will make a tidbit on those coming soon.
  5. Lake Alfred  ,Florida is where one of my most favorite people in the world lives.  Marvin is getting up there but it is nice to go to a place that has been his home for the last shoot 18 years with very little changing.  I love a good comfort of routine and that is what you get when you venture into Marvin's lovely abode.  My 88 year old grandpa lives in a retirement village where everybody has their own house and golf cart.  There is a community pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, and golf course.  Marv has his schedule and doesn't vary from it.  Wake up and go out for breakfast where it doesn't open till 6 but he gets there at 5:45.  If you are not up at 5:40, he will leave without you.  He has his haunts he likes to frequent and it is nothing exciting or out of the ordinary.  I have been there over 40 times, it is just visit trip.  The last day I was like uhhhh I need to go try to get the manfriend something (he went on a trip same time and he is way nice and I am sure I was going to get a souvenirs ((I did)), the only place I went ''out'' to the whole 10 days was to food places, American Legion, VFW, Moose, and the grocery store.  I love Lake Alfred, but I don't love the place itself but the fact of when I am here, I am able to kick it with Marvin.  Just like I don't watch Jerry Springer unless I am with Marvin but when I am, I may laugh once or twice because it is so stupid you gotta.  Check out Marv here
  6. Six Flags I haven't been to an amusement park in AGES.  Needless to say, I was very excited and slightly nervous.  I think it was over four years since my last roller coaster ride and that was in Florida (maybe Sea World or Busch's Gardens when AB workers still got free passes).  My mom got queasy and she used to be a coaster enthusiast.  So I have learned that motion sickness can come at later years which I would not have assumed.  Am I now at the age where I can't ride coasters?  Especially because of certain medicine I am on?  So we get there on the very last day that they are open during the week and let me tell you, PERFECT day to go.  It was super dead.  I had my buddy's pass so I was able to pretend I was a member with all the free meals, entry, and parking, and such so wasn't a major deal if I was now a member of the motion sickness club.  Every ride is a walk right on up and get on immediately kinda wait (unless you want front seat).  We rode every coaster that did not go backwards (I know I can't hang there) multiple times and I really had a blast.  Only whoopsie of the whole trip, first row Batman and then off and relocate to a further back row.  I could not walk for almost 3 minutes after back to backs and then had to do the "easy rides" like the train and the antique cars because I was nervous I was going to have an episode.  Results: my favorite ride is still the Screaming Eagle. 

    **I had a lot of problems with formatting pictures on this post.  Everyone that I would, it would ruin all of the placement of everything and it was quite annoying so here's rest of the pictures.  (First two worked, IDK why I struggled so much with the rest but atlas).


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