When your weekend ends on a Tuesday

This past weekend was the manfriend's birthday, well it was on a Monday, thus the LONG weekend of birthday celebrations.  I just have a FEW tidbits for the room here.

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  1. VERY important here PEPSI dodge-ball means competitive.   Let me back up here.  I don't know if this is EVERY dodge-ball everywhere, but at Skyzone, Pepsi means you need a helmet.  My only compliant were that I did not know that it was going to be like life or death kinda play here.  The man-friend had fun jumping on the dodge court full of trampolines and playing with the 14/15 year olds in a fight to the death Grapes of Wrath.  My friend and I on the other hand, the ONLY two girls there, well we gave it a hearty try, but both got creamed and I thought I almost broke my fingers.  (It was pushed back HARD by a ball.  Haven't had that feeling since mid school basketball.  I needed to get taped stat.)  My gal pal has been there before and it has lots of neat things to do (but we went at the Pepsi Hour, again didn't know, so we were stuck in JUST the dodge court).  We walked out of there while the man friend was sweating with the kids almost 20 years younger than him, he was in his element so good.  It wasn't OUR birthday weekend.  We found high school kids milling about doing their end of work day tasks of cleaning and we sweet talked them into allowing us to just JUMP for fun in one of the tramps.  The kid was super awesome but he had to "stand guard," I don't know to not allow anybody else in, or for safety?  Regardless, we did our tricks and jumped for about 10 minutes and then relieved the young guy.  He told us to go to counter and they'd give us a refund because we aren't playing and got ourselves into something that we didn't realize.  
  2. Saturday. Was the Hops at Schlafly's.  It is a beer festival type of time where you buy a ticket and you get all you can drink for four hours.  It has changed in the past handful of years, and got terrible.  Check on out all the #flopinthecity and you'll understand. The good, pictured here... The bad pictured below, the lines to get in (55 minutes to just GET IN) then, lines on lines to get beer.... THEN, ran out of beer before the all you can drink time was over...

3.  My food of the weekend ranged from a restaurant where I was sat and did not get served ANYTHING in 13 minutes (I left that place after 13 minutes, and left a bad yelp review).  To a restaurant by the beerfest.  Flysaucer, was the best thing that I ate UNTIL Sunday.  I have to give a shout out to the most DELICIOUS thing that I put in my mouth.  I went to this restaurant off the beaten path called Lotawata.  Ginormous portions of yummy everything.  I had never gone there before, but the owners used to have a restaurant in my town and I heard they moved.  OMG.  I had a chicken parm sandwich, that had fried cheese planks on TOP.  

Okay and you knew I had to, I embarrass the man friend every time I snap my food but, whatever.  This sammy was oozing off my plate and was great.  It was even good leftovers which is not always a guarantee.  

All in all a good birthday weekend for the manfriend.  Lots of activities and food.  


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