EASY like whoa hot and spicy chickens

I love good and easy recipes.  This was easy like whoa and really not a lot of ingrediants.  
What you need: crock pot, chickens (I used wingies), 2 bbq sauces, 1 hot sauce, and one honey.

MIX all your ingrediants into the crock-pot, set on high for 6 hours (or low if 8).  

I got fancy one time I made it and then put them into oven on 375, and pour mixture from crockpot on top.  Flip every 5 minutes and coat with mixture every flip.  

*Other times I take out and serve post crock pot.  The WILL fall off the bone and depending on your like for spice, I added very little honey and more hot sauce after first go about.  

DELICIOUS and easy

                                                    Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings


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