Fall Book List

Okay, I am a little late for the start of my fall book list, but I was still reading my summer one.  I would receive books sometimes all together and would get overwhelmed.  I read all but 5 of the summer list, some my library didn't have.  Some were on wait list.  Fall list is a tad shorter as I am not as leisurely sitting by the pool these days, all the familia's birthdays, good tv is back, and well shit gets busier.  The short fall book list.

Image result for all the missing girlsImage result for out of my mindImage result for underground airlinesImage result for panic book                                                                        Image result for scrappy little nobodyImage result for playing dead a journey through death fraud
  Image result for under the harrowImage result for cellar bookImage result for all american boysImage result for we love you charlie freeman

  • Scrappy Little Nobody -Anna Kendrick
  • The Decent Proposal- Kemper Donovan
  • We Love you, Charlie Freeman- Kaitlyn Greenidge
  • The Cellar- Natasha Preston
  • The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo- Amy Schumer
  • Under the Harrow-Flynn Berry
  • Losing It- Cora Carmack
  • Playing Dead- Elizabeth Greenwood
  • All the Missing Girls- Megan Miranda
  • Underground Airlines-Ben Winters
  • All American Boys- Reynolds and Kiely
  • Panic-Lauren Oliver
  • The Cabin- Natasha Preston
  • Out of my Mind- Sharon Draper
  • The Unidentified Redhead- Alice Clayton


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