Fall Fun

Fall is just great folks.  It is finally not a zillion degrees everyday, time for hoodies and sweaters, new tv comes back, AND the best holiday of the year is right around the corner HALLOWEEN!  Well I went to my first pumpkin patch of the season, a little mom and pop in the corner of the neighborhood and had a surprising good time.
Don't mind lil bit's hair, we got there IMMEDIATELY post nap and well, it is what it is. She is a giant ham these days and will say things like, "Take my picture," or "Lets take a selfie."  EK you're two girl...

Well I got my pumpkins from there and carved em just two days ago.  Pumpkin beers and lets do this thing right.  Last year, sister, manfriend, and I had a carve off.  By the time that I was all finished I was sooooo over carving.  I don't remember why but I could remember that this go around so I decided to pick something easier and go with it.  Hooked up the laptop out in the garage and watched some Netflix as we carved.  The Ranch is back.  Yes, it is stupid and mindless, but when you aren't focusing 100% its perfect.  Not to say there isn't a few true LOL moments on that show.  But back to point, I carved my pumpkin in about 30 minutes.  AND I scrapped the insides out of the manfriend's because my hand is smaller.  

Finished products looked swell.

BUT I totally forgot about what happened last year.  The silly squirrels destroyed them in under two days.  Le sigh well they looked good while they lasted.

Immediately after I shooed a squirrel away, both faces are completely caved in now.  Whelp, guess I'll grab my lights out of those guys.  


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