I can find some positives here.

Some of the things that are really nice about Springfield.
+The manfriend is here.
+This park above (well odd fact, that parks in IL still have the old style of titter totter that we got rid of when I was in school.)
+Since I've been driving more, I found LOTS of places (food AND cutesy shops) I wanted to try (Utterly Delicious and Urban Sassafrass)
+People here are how you think Midwest people should be,  EXTREMELY friendly.  For instance, at the park the other day, I was stopped by 3 people to just say hello.  That not make the best point?  I'll add another... If you are out ANYWHERE and say people leave your table (go to the bar, smoke, bathroom) you will get invited to join other people's table's.  (I don't know if this is because I'm not a heinous girl or because Springfield is just that nice.)


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