Okay so I know that Chicka has a LOT of controversy and as a 28 year old girl I'm an more liberal in my mindset than they are.  But they still make a DELICIOUS chicken sandwich, and waffle fries.  Sure their food is good, BUT they thing that I kept coming back for was their BBQ sauce.  They recently changed it and I have been distraught.  I tried the new smokehouse one maybe 4 times and each time I get so sad.  It is terrible....  The last time, I told whoever I went with, I can't remember, I AM DONE CHICKA... 

The old sauce, oh man I would ask for like 5 and use 4 and take one home to make whatever it touched BETTER.  Well low and behold it is coming back.  I am so excited that others were equally as unhappy about the change!


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