Take me out to the ballgameeeee...

That's a wrap folks.  Winner and if ONE just ONE more win, we'd of made post-season...
                    We'll get em next year

This is way strange as a St. Louis fan, that we do not make post-season.  I am not being cocky, it is just not normal.  First time in 6 years we aren't in post-season.  Usually games important and so back to back that I run out of clean cards clothes and DVR gets way overbooked because playoff baseball trumps new Chicago PD or Fresh off the Boat.  

This was Matt Holiday's last day as a Cardinal.  My opinion on the matter, he is a staple in our franchise.  Yes, he is old and has been hurt and really not as much as a go-to as he was in the past, BUT, I surely wish that he would say okay I don't need 20 mil, I could settle for 12 mil.  He is a town staple and does a LOT locally with children's hospital and the Pujolos foundation since he left STL.  I get extremely into my sports, and if you have ever watched an important game with me, you likely will make fun of my superstitions (YES thinking I can affect the game), and how emotional I get during games.  We had a very good inning and were doing our thing (we had to win the game AND if the Giants lost, we could go into wildcard playoff, Dodgers did not beat Giants, so our season ended here), and it was time for our last three batters.  The crowd chanted "HOLIDAY! HOLIDAY! HOLIDAY!" to no avail, they did not put him in.  (Pirates got three outs back to back to back.  He was next up to have one final swing.  He hit a homerun the previous game as a pitch hitter.  He has a bum thumb currently.  They could not take out Yadi the catcher or I guess any of the three first up folks to put him in.)  Oh, but he ran out to take his position in the top of the 9th.  EVERY single person was on their feet.  The fans, the Cardinal players and staff all left the dugout to show their respect and stood clapping, the opposing Pirates did the same.  They zeroed in on Matt Holiday running out to take his spot and he was getting emotional.  (Right now even writing this, I am covered in goosebumps, it was something that gave you the happy feels.)  He stayed out there for a few and gave a hat tip to crowd with a tear in his eye, and then ran back to dugout.  (His thumb still broke, he can bat, but can't catch/throw.)  Oh, we sadly, knew that the Birds would win but so would the Giants at this point and our season was over.  

Yup, the best picture of the manfriend and I there... This says something no?  We were watching the game in the first inning and noticed ample seats that were open.  Immediately threw on some hats and left the house.  Got tickets and into stadium about 4th inning.  Tickets were cheap and got freebies for next season AND a complimentary magnet.  Seats were great, we sat and the opposing team scored a run immediately.  I a superstitious and thinking, "Time to shake things up, and we all swapped hats and they turned it around.  Sure enough the manfriend went on a beer run, and my mom put down the sunglasses and the Pirates scored a HOMERUN.  See you guys, I am not crazy.  So everybody had to revert back to old and boom.  We brought home a winner.  

This one, I find funny.  Mom moved 9x and I look the exact same in all of them..

Until April folks.  


  1. I love that you guys were watching from home & then packed up and went! Great idea.


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