xoxo Gossip Girl

I am a huge believer if somebody else has already said something, regardless tv, movie, song, or whatever, it works use it.  I have used this twice this week to one buddy that is going through a break up/get back together/break up cycle.

Another is less of the metaphorical means, one  my one buddy lost a lot of weight and can wear her middle school outfits again.  YOU should not be wearing those outfits again from early 2000s just because they fit.  Listen to Blair, unless its for a theme party. Then, I change my tune and  I gun-ho support that.

-Gossip Girl ----->

PS. Gossip Girl is on Netflix, I would only suggest to watch the high-school ones if I was going to recommend it to somebody never giving it a go.  High school GG is the best but then they kinda jumped off the deep in.  Enjoy 2/3 seasons of pure delicious CW television and leave on a high note.


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