"You're seventeen.  By the time you reach 21, they'll expect you to be a real person.  This is your asshole window.  It's wide open."

Love it.  I am one of those 80 year old people in a 28 year old body.  The youth is wasted on the youth.  Especially today's. 

 Every time I write or say "youth" it reminds me of My Cousin Vinny.  One my faves, and used to be one of the VHS tapes we would put on in the van on the way to Florida.  Yes, I am showing my age but pre-DVDs there was another option.  (There was a "DVD" too before the DVD.  The Lasar Disc.  I can remember the ONE teacher in elementary school that had one.  She was 2nd grade science and she was only one that did not have the VHS player on the rolly TV cart.  *Whoa ramblin tangent*

This quote was from
-Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here


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