My jellyfish was a hit!  I LOVED how it worked out.  Saturday (Right) I dressed up and went out to some bars and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather.  Monday (Left) I decked myself up to go trick o treating with the niecey-poop.  The trick or treating was done riding a hay ride house by house by niece's uncle and the godfather to my godmother.

My brother's family,  they were the Wizard of Oz theme.  I was told, be wicked witch or a monkey or something, and was planning on it until lil bit saw my jelly and she was like noooo it soooo cool.  I put the wicked hat away and loaded up the highly glued hat.  I left my white dress in Springfield so I had one that was almost the exact same, but swim coverup was perfect for walking along side a tractor.  There was a dog that was dressed like a lobster and lil bit cousin's was Ariel.

Other highlight of my weekend: HOCUS POCUS!! My favorite of all the Halloweenie movies.  This year, I played a drinking game during it and no pumpkin beers but things found on pinterest with cutesy names like the witch's potion.  Whew I took a nice nap after that and woke up to see Cleveland was winning World Series.  I am from STL, so seeing Cubs do well, hurts my hometown proud heart.


  1. Love love loveddd your outfit. Your family looks adorable too. So much festiveness.


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