Okay, its a big day for decisions and not just which Snap filter makes me look the cutest, but for well the country.  My political recommendations end right here, go vote.

That being said, I do have a book and t.v show recommendation that has zero to do with politics (remind me later, I do have one of those as well).  If you don't know my background, I have worked in special education for past 6 years.  I have worked with many students with really VARIED needs (also remind me later, and I'll tell you a few funny stories).  BUT regardless if i was dealing with seizures, helping a student read, going out into the community, changing diapers, whateever; they still become your babies.  Doesn't matter if 5 or 21 they are still MY babies.

SOO get to the point huh?

Out of My MindMy book recommendation is Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper.  Details: it is about a girl who has cerebral palsy.  (VERY limited mobility in her case yet extremely bright.  Think Stephan Hawkings). She doesn't have a "voice" and so there for people think she is "retarded."  She is given a talker (in SPED world that could be any machine that can be a voice for somebody who needs it.  It could be buttons that simply say yes or no OR a machine that has different levels that somebody can program with different words.  Nowadays, my babies would use and IPAD and it would have different screens to give different options of words.  For instance, school screen has all the teachers and students names, different phrases that may come in handy "when is it..." "where is..." Then they could go to a leisure screen and it has UNO, Computer, play with me, music videos, or whatever.  See where I am going with this?)  WELL Melody (the main character) never had these options so people had no clue what was going on up there forreal.   She got a talker and a aide, was able to go into general education classes and do her OWN grade level work.  There is a problem that really hurts your heart but I won't give a spoiler, just a READ THIS BOOK.   It is a middle school reader, so I think it took me a few hours.  It is a great read aloud for the class as well.

AND my tv recommendation has a similar theme here.

Speechless on ABC is well surprisingly funny.  I just gave it first two episodes while I was on the treadmill and had more than one LOL moment.  It is a family of five and the oldest son has cerebral palsy.  He is also bright, just no voice and very limited mobility.  The rest of the family is funny and keeps it light and his aide is a big black man who was the gardener at their new fancy affluent school. Sometimes TV or movies portrays people that have limitations badly (in my opinion) and since I have worked I have a stricter idea of what should be.  This was funny and well written so far.  It is on Hulu so start watching and KEEP watching, I'd like it to finish out at least the first season.  AND best part? The kid that is the main character is an actor who in real life has cerebral palsy!!!!  I'm so sick of shows have a character who is Deaf but in real life is not.   Shout out to Scott Silveri for that choice.

I have worked with multiple CP babies in my time so far to have a favorite.  My favorite was not as mild temper as the characters from the books and movies I have recommended but he was my Sour Patch Kid.  A true terror and then an adorably sweet little boy who still holds a dear place in my heart.  I am FB friends with his dad, since he has since graduated from the school I worked at with him, SO time to do some creeping on my former buddy!


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