Dallas had one winner for Lil Bit.  A park called Klyde Warren Park.  All these pictures here are from Day One.  Let me tell you all about it.  LB (Lit Bit) had a nasty cold, and coughed all night long.  She got shitty sleep as did her momma and myself because hotels are only so big.  Course her daddy slept right through it.  Oh
to be a boy.  So our first thing we do, is a Target run. LB needs some cough meds stat.  We have a long week while her daddy is doing work things, and we ladies will need lots of sleep.  Target, then a quick Whattaburger run.  (Not best fast food burger I've ever had, but not worst.  I'd prefer Culvers.)

We then did a stumble about Dallas day.  


                                                              LB running with the bulls :)

LB loved the bulls.  You are lucky, because I picked the 5 best bull pictures.  (She is two so yes these are the best that we had to work with.)  We went here first, and then stumbled about the town in about 14k steps.  It was chilly and we were running on low on sleep.  

               This was full of pumpkins, AND the pumpkins were hollow, fake, and floated.

Texas is extremely proud of their BIG flags.  The flags were flying like crazy where-ever you went.  The second picture, is the JFK memorial.  Nothing that was really that impressive if you ask me.  But another thing to stumble upon.  We then walked to a tourist center and the lady there pointed us to a park and a store called Wild Bill. The store Wild Bill (which is what Sarah's dad goes by) gives away a free belt bucket if you buy ANYTHING in the store.  Neato.


Shopping at Wild Bills.  Then, we found a good park to LB to get out to play and scoot her boot.  

I love a good park, and I loved this one for kiddos.  They had outside sinks to wash up after playing.  They had parts to borrow things to play outside.  (Blankets, putters and golf balls, and ping pong, and things for fooseball, and bocce ball.)  Real cute.


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