Okay, so my brother's family (a wifey and lil bit) we went down to Texas.  It was a LONG 10 hour car ride with a 2.5 year old but she did fairly well.  (On the way down she was sicky so couldn't sleep without  waking herself up coughing so that wasn't ideal.  Needless to say, next day we ran straight to pharmacy for cough medicine.)  But, I  first post about the Dallas I will even have to say, we ate hamburgers, a LOT.  Lil bit is not a hamburger fan mind you, but she likes to currently eat like a dinosaur.  I was bummed we didn't make it to a place my friend said she had the best hamburger of her life at, because doesn't everybody want the best ever???  This Rodeo Goat, was by the hoooo-teeeellll (that is how Lil Bit said it, she expanded her vocab this week to include hotel, Texas, longhorn, horseshoe, tuffet, frightened, and mincemeat pie (we practiced nursery rhymes on overload this week as well.)  It was not bad, but we seriously would eat maybe one meal a day (adults, not the poor child, somehow she ate her three square meals) so it may have been amazing but I think we ate in 3 minutes flat so hard to gauge.

Brother was there for work and decided to invite wifey and kid along.  He was never around, like ever.  He ate one meal with us and the rest we would bring him home things to eat.  That is why I was invited, to kick it with the sis in law and Lil Bit.

 I have had In-n-Out when I went to Cali but rest had never, so on the way back north we stopped at one.  Meh, I like Culvers better but it was better than Whattaburger.  Bro was a big Whattaburger fan, and after the girls did sights he'd request it.  Heads up they have their own special ketchup that we were not fans of.

I'll post some trip highlights soon!


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