Free and appropriate education should be for everybody

Image result for education for allTime to get political.  I am in the education field, and I do not care which side of the fence you may align yourself to, but if you are choosing to be the HEAD of the Education Department (aka Security of Education), know at least SOMETHING about it.  I'll admit this was the first confirmation, I have ever watched (well to be fair, I did watch that movie Confirmation on HBO with Kerry Washington), but this lady, doesn't even know what common buzzwords in education mean.  Before I would go on interviews, I would at least inform myself of that districts current reading and math programs and reeducate myself in terms of what that may look like.  Girl, google education buzzwords and read them if you want to sound, I don't know, not like an idiot!  Homegirl did not even know IDEA and as somebody in special education, le sigh.  You can google and watch this whole thing in its entirety, or you can read this article from Washington Post.

This is beyond scary to me, and lets say you don't know why this is scary.  You may be a person who too does not know what IDEA stands for, don't have children, or maybe don't ever plan to... This affects the children of America.  The kids that will one day soon be running this joint.  I won't say anything particular about this lady views, but I will say, we want EACH and EVERY child here to be educated.

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We are number 46 in literacy rate (ability to read and write) per cia factbook page.   That is not bad persay, but we as Americans think of ourselves as number one.  But as as Newsroom very nicely stated (if you haven't watched this show, I have no idea why not.  Go don't finish reading this, GO!) American used to be a place, where you honestly thought that your children's lives would be better than yours.  I am not so sure anymore.  Here is that Newsroom clip.  Stay informed, recognize that there is a problem!

(FAPE is under section 504)


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