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I have gotten back into reading, and this book was GREAT.  But keep in mind, I read it like a binged Netflix show.  I'd put it down to go potty, but I would be reading instead of sleeping or texting people back.  I was hooked.  It is a whodunit that was cleverly written with multiple points of view.  There was a dead infant found in the muck and the yuck on a small elite college campus.  The ending was a shocker for me, and I won't lie, wasn't super happy with it.  But it is still one of those, that the ride was worth it.
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Our family had our late Christmas.  It was postponed until all seven of our immediate family was back into town.  Luckily, the little one is only 2, so we continued to sing Jingle Bells and hiding the Elf so she just assumed that Christmas was not had yet.  The manfriend and I watched Krampus this weekend as to finish up our belated holiday season.  I won't lie, it was suppose to be scary, but it was so comically "scary."  (Think Zombiebeavers.)  I won't lie, it'll likely be added to the 25 days of Christmas movies for the next season.

Image result for family feud party editionMy buddy brought over Family Feud the game for us to play over after Christmas.  I don't think this was the verison she owned, because hers came with bells and cards for the Host.  We watched during the halftime show during one of the football games.  The Host was my brother and it was 3 on 3 that would try to figure out the answers.  I love a good family game night, and we have been really into the 5 Second game lately.  This is another one that we don't have to be seated around the table and can take short breaks between rounds (or when a good football play would be going down.)

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Lastly, Scandal returns this week... FINALLY!  I have rewatched the season finale of season 5 to remind me what is happening with Olivia, Jake, Millie, Fitz, and the rest.  Shondra can do no wrong.  I even watched Notorious that was cancelled.  I read that they made the episodes before they knew what had happened with the current election.  Since Shondra was not shy in repping her preferred candidate, we shall see what direction she'll go.  


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