My First 29th Birthday

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I am big into birthdays.  I think they are very important and exciting, celebrating somebody's VERY special day. (That is what Lil Bit's school calls people's birthdays)  For how much I love birthdays, I don't like being the center of attention of my own.

With all the extra things that I have be doing of lately, I did not want to plan my birthday.  I let my brothers best buddy take the reins.  (His birthday is the same week as mine.  ALSO I have a cousin, Lil Bit's godfather, uncle, and 3 friends)  He picked somewhere that was off the beaten path, that only had booths, and that only served 2 kinds of beers.  I nixed that.  BUT then I had to go back to planning our birthdays :(

So the Manfriend started to google things and he found a place that had bar games (darts, shuffle board, foosball, pool, etc.) and a happy hour on a Saturday.  Sold.  We picked 21st Street Brewers Bar.  Unfortunately, I did not take ANY pictures that night (I was sick with my cold still, and if I am honest, I don't even remember what I was wearing that night.)

Image result for 21st street brewers bar beer gardenThe bar was nicely lit and neat in the basement of 3 other establishment.  After happy hour, they dimmed the lights and it got more intimate.  The game room had an event so couldn't go in there.  They had an outside bonfire and bags game set up all cutesty where we sat after we had bar snacks and PW pizza.

All and all I had a good night and was there till open to close.

Following day, we had family birthday dinner.  There was 10 of us there for my momma's BBQ in January.  THEN the big day itself :)

I got a buddy that called in sick to work to spend the day with me, so I will not add ANY pictures of her, as a just in case and I got one with her and a local celebrity!  We went out for lunch at a Byrd and Barrel.  HIGHLY recommend.

                                                        (I got nugz and mac-n cheese)

Then we bummed about the city and let our food drop.  The treat yourself Tuesday continued with a mani/pedi, Jeopardy, and then a rush for family dinner.

Yes, little Saved by the Bellish but its more melony in person.

The birthday people with Lil Bit


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