Okay belated trip post, but I have been busy BUSY lately.

Nashville was a trip set because one my buddies who lives in New Mexico was flying out to meet her new baby nephew.  This was close enough for us (manfriend and bff) to drive to for a long weekend trip.  (FYI 5 hours isn't bad on the way down, but way back WOOF!)

                         Car Selfie.... Let me say Manfriend and KLC were bad back seat drivers

 Some of the sights we saw:  Parthenon (and surrounding park), downtown Nashville (Broadway Street) bars, Music Row, Gulch, two park trips at Tennessee parks  Percy Warner Park (tons of stairs or lots neat wood trail loops, ALSO when driving there, you pass OLD MONEY houses that are definitely worth the drive out of the city limits.)  and ____ (multiple wooded trail options and a body of water.)
VERDICT: Bars on main drag, crowded and country where Music Row had neat breweries and less of crowds.  I loved Percy Warner park and the drive there past all the country music label execs houses made it well worth it.  Weird side fact, as you will see we are wearing layers and hats in most of these pictures.  It would be 40-60s and sometimes misty/drizzling and cloudy.  VERY SELDOM sunny moments were had and they were few and far between, yet people of Nashville were in shorts and tank tops a RIDICULOUS amount of time.  So I had to ask people, do ya'll get alot of snow and ice that 48 degrees is awesome for you?? No.  Well then what the what?  I am over here wearing gloves and a hat and you are in shorts and racer back.  Okay folks, you'd think I wasn't from STL and from the deep south or something.
 We went to Pinewood Social for some V-Day daytime activities.  It was chilly and rainy out (and a Tuesday) so it was NOT crowded at all.  The lanes were something like 40$ an hour and then it was prorated after, but somebody in group was very much wanting to check it out.  It wasn't bad for a group, but hipster to max environment.  IE look at the deconstructed sugars for example.  I won't lie, the brown sugar liquid was a delicious treat.  AND I bowled great!
FINAL VERDICT: Neat to see once, no need to return.  Coffee/food was not outrageously priced, so future maybe eat and not bowl.

Okay food of Nashville is HOT chicken.  We went to 2 different places, Haddie B's and Nashville Hot Chicken.  I liked Haddie B's better (better seasoning).  My friend Ash, well she has been "in training" to be able to handle the what the cluck HOT levels.  She got the hottest at both of the chicken places, and her BF was real funny because he was leaking sweat from all his pores.  Grossly dripping and was so uncomfortable.  I did not train, so got like 3 and 4 outta 5/6 levels of hotness and handled fine.  KLC (no pictured here) couldn't handle the lowest level of spice at Haddie B's and chowed down on the sides.
VERDICT: Hot chicken is a must eat, go to Haddie B's and wait in the LONG ass line (we waited about 35 minutes when they opened), its well worth it.

Last little bit:  I went to two places as suggested from a buddy.  One of the coffee shops was very cutesy and I felt like I was in the coffee shop of Pretty Little Liars.  It was Frothy Monkey, and it was well okay, nothing to write home about.  The other was Tailgate Brewery.  She had gotten a Groupon, so I followed suit and got a Groupon for pizza and 2 growlers.  The selection they had was FABULOUS!  The four of us who all have different preferred tastes, found ones we LOVED.  We walked around Gulch and went to a candy shop there and I got the souvenirs for the fam.  I am one of those weirdos who also likes to get postcards.  Heads up, get the postcards from the overpriced extremely crowded shops on Broadway because gas stations/Walgreens had zip.  We also we to Acne and Seed (pictured here below) and each layer had different menus and vibes.  We liked the menu at one place (I got chicken and waffles, below) but the vibe on another floor (live music wasn't as overwhelming but could still hear it).  One the third floor was a huge patio and view but was super cloudy, drizzling, and grey when we were here.  Another neat thing that Nashville had that we don't yet, was like Uber for your food.  If a place doesn't deliver they may with this Uber for food app.  We were all drinking at the Air BnB and then were wanting food but not to go out.  I got another pizza that night and it was way better pizza than the brewery the night following.  Come on STL get this option going :)
Final VERDICT: Only morning it was nice (temperature were dropped after 10am), KLC and I went for a long walk and were like shoot, of course we both pack only one pair of shorts and they are the exact same.  Twinning on accident!

Final VERDICT:  Best thing I ate the whole trip, I would bring this up more than once with the people I was with and not one of us said the same thing.  That is good right? I think Martin's BBQ was hands down the best.  AND go on trips with your friends.  Experiences are worth more than tangible gifts.


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