"Another One"

Okay, I was sending my bro pictures and going through my phone and stumbled upon this.  I still like it and find a lot of relevance.  I have gotten better as I have grown older and wiser, but I still need to let things go and try to not over analyze things oh so much.  In SPED field where I work, a kid (21 years old and male are sometimes bigger and stronger than me ((sometimes or am I kidding, all the time)), can hurt you pretty badly.  You have to get over it, because you will still be working with that kid.  I need to have that mindset when people give me a look or sass me.  I need to attempt to not be one of those people who will tell 13 other people what so and so said to me... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????!   I'm not in highschool anymore, so I need to stop storing thing away for a rainy day :)  and just let it go.

(Quote from Scarlet Epstein Hates it Here)

-Did you like how I am two posts strong in my rap titles :)


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