Fresh as I is...

I wish I could come up with appropriate rap lyrics for all oh my posts.  I would be more impressed with myself.
Well anywho, I did a donation cut.  This is my third time that I have done this and will be using the same folks at Pantene.  I did research after the first big chop when people told me that some of the donation wig places are for purchase wigs and not for free to children/woman who are sick or battling cancer.  Pantene needs minimum of 8 inches (less than many of the others), so I go with them.  That first cut for that 8 inches is a big one (and my hairdresser did 9in), and then, I still got to get it layered and thinned.  

It is still soooo wet, three days later, I took it out of the pony, to dry.  I must put back into a pony to send and hope that this was not one of those terrible ideas.  Check out Pantene and see if you can help!


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