Weekend Update

Image result for inside outFriday I spent the day with my LilBit of choice building forts, reading books, crafting, and basically just kicking it.  We did manage somehow someway to not watch Frozen for the 84330208 time, and our relax movie (which we both feel asleep but I watched it later because was quite cute) Inside Out.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  
The following day, I went on 2 really nice long walks with friends.  I felt like I have been tad anti social lately, so ventured out to the park and went on a 3 mile walk with one buddy and then she left and another friend came on out.  Luckily for me, they both met me at the same park :)  After getting both my nice long walks in and a snack by the water in between, another friend asked if I wanted to randomly go to the Symphony.  Why not?   So rushed home and got all ready for a refined night out.  Funny thing about this friend I was going to see Symphony with, she cannot physically stay awake in the movies.  I have seen Bridesmaids and Hidden Figures with her and she falls asleep in everything.  She'll even leave the movie saying, "Oh I loved it."  Girl you fell asleep more than 3 times.  I was very interested to see how she would do staying awake in classical music.  I am not a HUGE classical music fan by no means.  I do however LOVE LOVE LOVE some Vitamin String Quartet especially this niddy.  (We all know my love for music placement during movies and tv shows.  I can really get into this one and I turn into a conductor.  I enjoy all of VSQ but this one and well Mighty Ducks 2 Suite, ((maybe I have seen this movie too many times because on certain notes, I am like JESSIE HALL SCORES!! and now here is the Tex, can he do it?? Adam Banks, oh that cakeeater))  those are my instrumental musical numbers that wake me up and I get into.  Okay that was a HUGE ramble).  We got there after the first break so had to stay out till after intermission.  Got a wine and her a water (15 dollars later and 5 minutes) we got to our seats.  They were really good seats, 4 rows back.  The music was Bach and they had a number that was strings and one special flutist.  (Flutes always remind me of the Tale of Peter and Wolf ((which they still do annually in music class for third graders)).  The rest of the show, was the everybody and more lively and I could dig it more.  (The Might Ducks Suite totally distracted me in case you were wondering and I had to stop to think about the triple deeck and "YOU lost it for me!"  "No you lost it for yourself, lets go shake their hands."  Great movie)  Okaaaaay, so I used to go to Symphony annually with the fifth graders for a field trip.  The one that they show 11 year olds was more my speed.  Afterwards, met up with some friends at a local hole in the wall, my faves.  

Sunday was spent relaxing, reading (Superficial) and clearing off DVR, and running errands.  Great weekend on my end.


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