Wild Animals

 Our STL Zoo is awesome.  It is free and always tons of fun.  I went with my brother and the lil bit on a more cloudy midweek day and hot dog did we have some fun.  The crowds were non-existed so we could go see everything and then stay and play with certain animals till our little hearts were content.  Favorite part- Seal LIONS.  I love how they will follow your hand and do 'tricks'.  We played in the tunnel with them for over 15 minutes.  Worst- the giraffe exhibit was getting an update and we couldn't see my OTHER favorite animal.
The manfriend work bff, was talking about coming down to see the zoo and make a day of it one weekend.  My entire thought process, weekends at the zoo, on a nice day?!?!?!!! That sounds utterly miserable.  I am used to stopping in, whenever.  If I am making a day of it, coming early for the children's petting zoo for free too, AND midweek when it is not insane.  If a cloudy day is available, even better!


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