Every day is Earth Day

Science is not a political matter to me.  I don't understand why all of a sudden its a issue that is so controversial.  Science saves lives.   HELLO folks, would you rather live in 2017 or 1907?  Bet most everybody would say 2017.  Why?  Let me think, plumbing? clean water? common flu isn't a death sentence for a 20 something year old?  (For me? I like DVR and modern medicine personally).  Science and technology.  END RANT.

Ramble continues.  I have gotten more into learning about environment/global issues within the last 5 years.  Maybe you are thinking we (as Americans) are doing as well as other countries?  I hate to say you would be sadly mistaken.  I watch some shows with the manfriend that are a mix of both our interests, environment and celebrities.  I learned about this show during a Chelsea Handler show where Joshua Jackson came on and talked about some issues.  We all know my LOVE for Pacey Witter and Charlie Conway knows no bounds.  Obviously this seemed like a great episode to start with for the manfriend and I to watch.  Well even if you don't like to learn, Josh looks beyond great in this with his scruff and rowing on the waters... I digress, my bad.  But in each episode of Years of Living Dangerously they follow (usually 2 celebrities) as they show light on a current issues about environment and climate change.  I learned a quite a bit during an episode about India, that I brought it up not once but twice with two of my Uber riders.  I felt very much like a 'white girl' who learned somebody and wished to ask questions to figure out holes in my knowledge.  One of the ladies told me she was surprised how worldly I was.  What?  Nope, I think David Letterman is funny and he was on a Year of Living Dangerously where he went there.  {Also check out the HBO Vice for their stance.  They have politics,news, and environment issues that they highlight.  Less for me than celebrities learning about issues on NatGeo's show, but still a good informational.}

This chilly Earth day, I went to the science march.  If I am totally honest, I probalbly would have done something else Earth day related and not the march, but manfriend wanted to go and be apart of it quite badly.  The signage was my favorite part of the march.  The puns were outta this world.

Course the science people couldn't get into formation.  Yo listen to B and get it together!

How flipping cute is Lil Bit poppin her hip out posing? 

My buddy was over it, and was sitting on ground.  She said it was a sit-in and was ready to relax, until she saw the local news.  She stood IMMEDIATELY and started clapping her hands.  Sure enough we made the news and she was the one who saw us. Keen eye KoK.

Group, Science Stan front and center, manfriend, Kok, me, and Sall.  (Not pictured Ma, Sarah, and Lil Bit).  

The thing I learned from the day, think about it, EVERY single end of the world movie starts off in a lab somewhere where scientists are going uh oh.  Think, LISTEN, and learn.


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