Hey Mr. Sun! (Where are yooou)

So we have had nothing but rain, rain, rain, RAIN for last three days.  It was kinda a needed rain because I have seem to be a always on the move lately and was in dire need of some spring cleaning and rest.  AND hopefully next weekend when I am hosting a bridal shower it'll be nice because it is outside.

ANYWHO, throwback to last Sunday.  We woke up played some tennis, hiked (with brother's familia), and then met up with the whole gang for dinner.

They had an outdoor learning classroom and OF course lil bit found a kitchen.  She is obsessed right now with playing house and store.  It's cute though, if you have like 5 things in your cart, better use your coupons! Even though without coups it was $6,000.15 and with coupon it is $7,002 dollars.  What a goober.

Dinner at Cug that now serves Narrow Gauge.  It has been a while since I was here, and they have really changed the place up.  (A new FANCY bathroom for ladies for one!)  


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