I smoke meeeeat errreryday

 Lessons from the smoker.... If all of the websites say 8 to 12 hours but ONE website says 6 is fine, don't listen to the ONE.  (The BRISKET on the lower shelf in this picture so harder to see, was a tad pink.  So threw in pot with marinate and it was fine.)  The mop (the seasoning you put on every 45 minutes or so) we needed a smarter way to do that.  Course after the fact, we thought of using a turkey baster so that we would not like all the hotness out while brushing the seasoning on and flipping em all.  OTHER lesson, don't turn on microwave with the smoker running.  I popped the circuit twice.  Had 5 extra people for dinner that were unexpected so I threw chicken and a pork tenderloin on the bbq pit, cooked and then added them to smoker for about an hour.  Those lil porkies were DELICIOUS.  Last lesson I learned, keep extra food on hand.   For a minute I looked at what was in the smoker, and thought oh shit, I was going to have to pull a Jesus turn this one fish into enough for a mountainside.  It all worked out, and even had leftovers, nom nom nom.


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