TAX DAY is here and for once in the last about 4 years that I have been doing my own, I am FINISHED before its due! WOOOHOO.  Well it has been a minute and I have been out doing Springtime fun with the Lil Bit as of lately.  This was a week of Easter activities before I fled to go do family stuff with the manfriend's fam in windy city.  It was a first completely giving up MY family stuff for somebody else's.  One buddy asked how was it, my respond, "Fancier than the ham and party potatoes I am used to."  Her next words, "HA, we had ham and party potatoes for our EASTER!"  I think its just an Easter thing, I've never gone to one that didn't have that.  This year we did a fancy brunch with a HUGE seafood spread (no thanks).  The other funny tidbit, Manfriend's little cousins (14 and 12) did not get Easter Baskets.  I asked the one younger, were you a bad kid this year that a bunny didn't even get you some jelly beans???  My mom is that "extra mom" who asked because I was missing Easter, if I wanted her to hide the basket in my trunk and for her to text Manfriend what to do with it.  HAHA no MOM, I have missed Easter the last two years because of my Spring Break trips fell on it, and I just get it upon return.  So a 12 year old is too old for a basket but not 29 year old me or 31 year old brother :)

                                                                    My basket this year!

My favorite part of the basket?  Cardinal band-aids.  I have a tin full of COOL band-aids.  That is something I cannot pass up from the dollar section at target.  I will get the holiday ones, Hotwheels, Pawpatrol, whatever.  I don't know when this like for band-aids has started, but feel its the teacher in me to get real excited over something as simply as some decorative band-aids.


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