I have been researching my next MAJOR trip (in July) to Kauai.  It is one of the smaller islands of Hawaii where the manfriend grew up.  We are staying at his bestfriend's mom's condo.  She with her late husband own a company, Island Soap and Candle Works.  (I will swear by the surfer salve for booboos or chapped noses from colds.  It is not as greasy as Vaseline but fair warning strong smell.)

Image result for na pali coast state parkOkay so Kauai.  The man said that it like something like 25 miles at its widest.  He is a planner where I am not.  I like the differences between us, because sometimes planning just pisses me off.  He is better at rolling through if things work out smoothly, better than expected, or fall threw.  We all have our strengths.

Well he asked for some suggested from me (think he wants me to feel involved because he lived there for 18 years, he doesn't need any suggestions).  But here I am, googling and looking at IG for tags of things that look pretty.  EVERYTHING looks breathtaking.  I decide to give the MF a few things that I REALLY wanna do that he has probably done a zillion times and they rest of the 14 days can be up to him.

Image result for wailua falls-Cool hikes to see waterfalls that aren't on the beaten path.  The northern path of the island, you can't drive around because of the mountains, that will be hike on foot territory.  The neat part of that, he already has a place in mind that is an 10 mile hike (there and back) that 3 miles in you see an awesome waterfall and THEN hike 2 more and you see a BIGGER one.  Well okay stud, I am all about hiking and seeing cool shit, but once every 3 days do I want a 10 mile hike.  Some days, I will just want to lay on a beach too.  (Side note, he used some his REI points to get me a pack so I know he thinks we will be doing multiple hikes which tots on board with.

Image result for pig roast luau    Since we aren't staying at a hotel I made sure this was a told to him, I want to go to a pig roast/luau.  He said multiple of his buddies work in the tourist department so we can get a deal.  Great, basically anything that the Brady's did on their trip, I want to do... Sans taking the tiki with me.

Image result for stand up paddle board kauai
Something semi adventurous at the beach.  Maybe not surfing because lets be real, just because I watch Blue Crush, Point break, Soul Surfer, Johnny Tsunami, etc does NOT mean I can surf.  So maybe stand up paddle boards/ kayaks/ or something along those lines.  Since he lived there for so long, I have a feeling he could borrow one from Rain or Star or another hippy Hawaiian he still is on good terms with.  This would be an UPGRADE from SUP or boats anywhere in MO.  Like I'd just be rowing straight out of Jurassic Park.

And lastly, I was like uh, did you want me to list like beaches I wanna see?  I feel that would be renundate but I most certainly can.  He told me not to worry that we likely can see all of them in a 2 week span.  This seems extremely ambitious if you ask me, again I want to have SOME downtime and just lay and go, "OMG that is just WOW." Like Queen's Bath

Image result for queens bath kauai



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