Whew, now that this is over...

This past weekend, I hosted a Bridal Shower for my elementary school BFF Kelly.  Oh man, I have never really been in charge of ANY event like this that had so many different people to coordinate and to juggle (all of which I had never met).  Needless to say, I am very happy that it is over, and am extremely grateful for the help that I had on MY end (my manfriend and my momma) because the bridal party well they have been in ZERO wedding parties...  I have been in 8 weddings so far, and well have gone to 100s of friends and families.  Showers are kinda like a running a classroom, and luckily I had classroom management skills to keep things going on a timely manner and to keep the thing going.  I LOATHE talking in front of adults in a group setting, (I was on one committee where I was big lady in charge and I got out of the report your findings EVERY staff meeting because well nope), but I did it fine with only a few blubs.  (One of the aunties came up to me and was like are you a teacher? Yes.  Do you teach a foreign language? Nope, SPED.  Huh, you had a few times that you spoke with your words funny that I assumed you taught Spanish or something.  ((Then proceeded to tell me how it takes a special person to do special ed.... ((Not that it doesn't but that is generic as soon as somebody hears you say that, that is their first response.)) Whereas any teacher it takes a special person and a DIFFERENT kind of special person to teach mid school, inner city schools, high schools, pre schools, ESL kiddios, lower income students, BASICALLY ALL STUDENTS.  But I nodded and said thank you auntie, sans my tritue.

The food labels were chalkboard tags $4.99 at Micheal's for 10 of them!! (Regular price so yes, use coup!!)

Special shout of for all those extra people who HELPED me, (I feel like the end of a show where you see who dressed the leading lady, who bought the clothes, who was her driver,etc etc... But the wedding party themselves did their duty, I had LOADS of help that did not get recognition.)
And they are as followed: Manfriend (he spent quite a bit writing on all those little signs and well did a lot over all) Momma, (she made the candies, helped load/unload, decorate etc), other art teacher Kelly (her sign was a center point and a huge hit)  all my co-workers/family who were coming up with date ideas for the date jar, because I counted how many I got at the shower... 5... FIVE!! so NV folks you are on point.  Wolffe and JB for letting me borrow things.. RB for going up into attic for wagon...
Wedding Party Pic


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