End of an Era

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Sooooooo guys Pretty Little Liars ends TONIGHT.  This show is crazy.  It puts you all over the place as who is the infamous "A" then that person basically dies and you have to start all over again.  Well I am hoping I don't have to throw anything at my tv tonight, meaning CALEB better not be the villain.  (My mom sent me this, and I would be quite upset if true.)  BUT let me get back to the point here,  YES I like the show for the crazy one liners, Hanna's blunt way of life, wine moms, unbelievable story-line, but most of all I LOVE the fact that these girls are people.  They could actually pass the Bechdel Test.  (Which I have talked about before because girls need to see girls on tv/movies that are NOT only seen talking about boys OR as a side piece, and that talk to each other).  This is a good example of that.  Sure they are trying to figure out how to stop being cyber-bullied but the bully could and at times was everybody! (By the by, it is very surprising how many movies/ tv shows do not show girls having ANY storyline that doesn't include a man.) PLL has crazy stories, yes.  But each girl can figure shit out, they work together as friends for the most part, but YES friends fight (and not only about boys) and this was an example of functional female friendships.  Good


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