Weekend Update

Kell and I at the rehearsal
YES, I know that it is Wednesday, but I have been quite busy on my end.  This weekend one of my childhood bffs got married.  I was amped to celebrate with her and her new Mrs.  This weekend was full of rehearsals, starting dog-sitting, wedding things, and then finally a lovely nothing on the agenda Sunday.

I have been in well.. 8 weddings already.  (I think I still have about 3 more that I would definitely say yes to.)  I have done the bridesmaid thing a time or two and have it pretty well down by now.  I was shocked at how chill the wedding was for the two brides but welcomed the lax feel.  We were able to pick our own dresses and I found both my rehearsal and bridesmaid dress at the outlet of BCBG and LOVED them!  I tried for the first time using highlighter on my face.  (No not the office supply mom, but the makeup high lighter.)  and it worked BUT snap always makes me look waaaaay better... UGH.(But the Kims do look good with filters).  Oliva on the hill was adorable venue.  Rex the dog made a fab best dog!

Sunday, after sleeping in, drinking coffee with my outta town buddy, and massaging my sore calf muscles.  (I always think I'm in okay shape until I dance all night long.) The manfriend and I decided to meet up with my brother and his family.  They were going kayaking and we were going to meet up and do some standup paddleboard.  Lil Bit lost her shoe in the lake and she kept telling everybody we past.  She has continued to talk about it, three days later.  Hot mess express.  Don't mind my poop selfie camera.  I know what is the trouble but it is unfixable but 4 years means its time for a phone UPGRADE!


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